Project Business Material Manager

Busan, South Korea
Reference No: WD-0009375

What's the role?

Project Forecastin
•Early screening new projects (project pipeline)
•Collect Project Bill Of Material’s for project forecast and identify potential bottleneck material and clarifies lead times with HQ Material Managers
•Initiates and leads Project Sales Forecast Integration (SFI) and improve product availability through better project forecasting (KPI: Project Forecast Quality)
•Manage inventory approvals within Project SFI and Inventory Investment Request (Project Business S&OP process)

Project inventory management
•Manage project stock to ensure that service and inventory targets are met
•Monitor all stock shortages ensuring that appropriate actions are taken to resolve the situation at the earliest opportunity
•Coordinate different MO/Hub Material Managers’ for purchasing & Fulfilment with Project Business Fulfilment Manager (FFM)
•KPIs:Stock Availability &Obsolescence

Who is Hilti?

Hilti is relatively obscure outside the construction industry, but is a global provider of high-tech tools, technologies, software and services, and has built a reputation for over 75 years for its proud tradition and advanced products and services. Led by more than 23,000 employees in more than 120 countries around the world, Hilti will be a great place to develop your career through opportunities for learning and growth.

What does the role involve?

Responsible for Product Availability and Inventory Management

We are proud to have a long-term bonding with our employees: More than 30% of our employees have been part of the Hilti family for over 10 years!

What do we offer?

True people development culture!
Best teamwork!

Why should you apply?

Hilti recruits talent from various backgrounds. Some of the best employees currently working have started without experience and grown their careers. Therefore, it is okay if you have no experience in construction. In Hilti, anyone can succeed through teamwork and work skills, regardless of background.

What you need is:

Core skills
•Excellent communication and negotiation skills in English language
•Logical thinker with a good attention to detail and high level of commitment
•SAP / APO Planning system experience
•Proactive, self-motivated and able to solve problems quickly and effectively
•Has high customer focus
•Strong at building relationships/networks with colleagues and external people
•Strong analytical skills and good attention to detail
•Apprentice or bachelor's degree with min. 3 years of MM (demand) planning or purchasing experience

Additional skills
•Hilti product portfolio knowledge

Business impact
•Essential role for material availability in customer projects
•Efficiency in supply chain processes
•Regional management of inventory and bad goods for customer projects

Complexity of Role
•Specialist in project business (large project) planning and forecasting
•Fluent in English
•Independent/self-responsible management of regional project SFI
•Stakeholders: Fulfillment Manager, Sales, Engineering, Finance

“You get a unique opportunity to experience all different functions of the supply chain – and, for many people, to do it overseas. We really encourage our teams to challenge the way things are done. If you can make a process simpler, do it, show us.”

- Fabrice, Head of Global Logistics Services

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